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外语教研版初中英语七年级下教学详案Module 4 Unit 2 .docx内容摘要:Module 4Life in the futureUnit 2 Every family will have a small plane.设计说明教学反思设置话题“理想的学校”和“未来的生活”让学生讨论,既衔接了上一单元的内容,又引出本单元的阅读话题;课文按照“速读—细读—读后运用”的基本步骤进行教学,培养学生的阅读技巧。其中,“读后运用”按照“先说后写,先易后难”的原则推进,使训练层层深入,步步为营,稳打稳扎。教学目标通过本单元的教学,让学生达成以下目标:1.知识目标:掌 握 本 单 元 新 单 词 及 短 语 : air, land, machine, rain, robot, sea, space,traffic, jam, traffic jam, wind, true, come true, here is/are…, bike, car, cheap,everywhere, not only…but also…, into, long, heavy, light, easy, working, hour,short, rise, as well。2.能力目标:(1)能读懂叙述未来生活的短文,理解语篇的主旨和细节;(2)能运用一般将来时表达自己对未来的预测和想象,能运用 so 表达较为复杂的概念。3.情感目标: 展望未来生活,激发学生为美好生活而努力学习的意志。重点难点 重点:理解关于叙述未来生活的短文。 难点:运用一般将来时表达对未来的预测和想象。教学准备 PPT 课件;有关活动 1 的教学图片;活动 2 的录音。授课时数 2 课时教学过程Step 1 Warming up1. Make the students talk about their dream school in groups. And then ask someof them to give a report.2. Ask the students to talk about the life in the future.T: What will life be like in the future?S1: Everything will be free.S2: There will be more threes in the future.S3: Everyone will have a small plane. 1S4: Robots will help me with the housework.S5: People will go to the space.S6: ...Step 2 New words and expression1. Show the students the pictures in Activity 1. Help them describe the pictures.At the same time, teach the students the new words and expression. air land job machinerain robot sea space traffic jam wind2. Read the passage and match the pictures in Activity 1 with the paragraphs.3. Check the answers. Answers: ①C ②B ③A ④DStep 3 Fast reading1. Ask the students to read the passage quickly. And match the paragraphs withthe headings.2. Check the answers in pairs. Answers:Step 4 Careful reading1. Ask the students to read the passage carefully. Then check the true sentences.①People have to change clothes in hot weather.②The weather will be warm in spring.③A lot of people will travel by plane so maybe there will be traffic jams in theair.④People will have long holidays because machines will do heavy work.2. Ask the students to check the answers in groups. Answers: ②③④3. Play the recording. Ask the students to read after it and find out the following2phrases and translate them into Chinese. 1.every family 每个家庭 2.in the future 在将来 3.come true(梦想、希望等)实现;成真 4.a change of ……的变化 5.a new kind of 一种新的 6.no more 不再 7.light rain 细雨 8.in spring 在春天 9.all year 全年Step 5 Language points1. What will life be like in the future? 未来的生活将会怎样?“What be +主语 + like?”是一个常用句型,用来询问某人的性格、品质或某物的特点等。—What is Wang Lingling like? 王玲玲是一个怎样的人?— She is very kind. 她非常友好。— What is your school like? 你们的学校什么样子?— It is beautiful and clean.它美丽又干净。— What will the weather be like tomorrow? 明天天气怎样?— It will be cool. 将很凉爽。2. Which ones will come true? 哪些将成为现实? (1) 辨析:one 与 it 代替上文中提到的名词以避免重复,表示同类复数形式是 one 人或事物中的一个,不一定是人或事物本身 ones 代替上文中提到的名词以避免重复,指代事物复数形式是it 本身they 或 themYour pen is very nice. I also want to buy one.你的钢笔很漂亮,我也想买一支。Here are so many books. Which ones are yours?这儿有好多书,哪一些是你的?She has a dog. It is black and white.她有一条狗,它是黑白相间的颜色。(2) come true 意为“(梦想、希望等)实现,成真”,它的主语通常是 dream(梦想),wish(希望),idea(想法)等名词,不能是人。I hope our dreams will come true.我希望我们的梦想会实现。Will my ideas about the life in the future come true?我关于未来生活的想法会实现吗?3. The sea level will rise as well. 海平面也会上升。(1)rise 不及物动词,意为“上升;升起”,后面不能跟名词或代词作宾语。The sun rises in the east. 太阳从东方升起。(2) as well 意为“和;也;又”,相当于 too,通常位于肯定句的末尾,不需要用逗号与句子隔开。My father likes reading and my mother likes it as well.= My father likes reading and my mother likes it, too.我父亲喜欢读书,我母亲也喜欢。34. … not only over land, but also over the sea or even into space.……不仅是陆地上空,而且可以飞到海上甚至进入太空。not only…but also…意为“不仅……而且……”,在句子中连接两个并列的成分,重在强调 but also 之后的部分,also 也可省略。Her aunt is not only a writer but also a singer.她的姑姑不仅是一位作家,而且还是一位歌唱家。[注意]当 not only…but also…连接句子的主语时,谓语动词在人称和数上与but also 后的部分保持一致。Not only Kate but also Jim likes playing tennis.不但凯特,而且吉姆也喜欢打网球。Step 6 Practice1. Ask the students to read the words in the box in Activity 5.2. Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.3. Check the answers together. Answers: (1) cheap (2)everywhere (3) rise (4) into (5)air (6)true4. Ask the students to retell the passage in groups.5. Match the words with their opposites in Activity 6. Ask the students to readthe answers one by one. easyexpensive hot largelight longwarm cheap coldcooldifficult heavyshort smallStep 7 Pair workWork in pairs. Talk about life in the future.— I think everyone will have a small plane so travelling will be easy.— Yes, but I think there will be traffic jams in the air.Step 8 Writing1. Ask the students to look at the sentences carefully. And then read them inpairs.Working hours will be short. People will have long holidays.Working hours will be short so people will have long holidays.2. Ask them to complete the sentences with so. 1. Every family will have a plane so… 2. The weather will get hot so… 3. Machines and robots will do the heavy and difficult jobs so…3. Check the answers in class. Possible answers: 1. Every family will have a plane so travel will be fast. 2. The weather will get hot so we won’t need warm clothes. 3. Machines and robots will do the heavy and difficult jobs so we will havemore free time.Step 9 Homework1. Read the passage.2. Talk with your partner about life in the future. 4当堂达标I.单项填空。1. —This is my new bike. How do you like ____? —It’s very nice. I want to buy ____. A. it; itB. one; oneC. it; one D. one; it2. My mother goes to work by ______ bike every day. A. aB. anC. theD. /3. My father likes shopping there because fruits are nice and ______. A. cheapB. early C. warm D. difficult4. Not only Tony but also Daming ______ in the reading room. A. be B. am C. isD. areII.根据句意或汉语提示完成句子。1. Let’s go ________(进入……里面)the house.2. Many people like the fresh ________(空气)in the country.3. Mr Smith works for ten ______(小时)every day.4. My mother wants to have a new washing ________(机器).5. Look! Your books are ___________(到处).6. It’s cold because of the strong ________(风).III.根据汉语意思完成句子(每空一词)。1.乘飞机到处旅行将很便宜。 It will ______ cheap ______ ______ everywhere ______ plane.2.玲玲的新学校是什么样子? ______ Lingling’s new school ______?3.明天将不再下大雨。 There will be ______ ______ heavy rain tomorrow.4.努力学习,你的梦想就会实现。 Work hard, and your dream will ______ ______.5.这条真丝连衣裙不但轻盈而且美丽。 The silk dress is ______ ______ light ______ ______ beautiful.答案:I.1-4 CDACII.1.into 2.air 3.hours 4.machine 5.everywhere 6.windIII.1.be; to travel; by2. What’s; like 3. no more 4. come true 5. not only;but also板书设计Unit 2 Every family will have a small plane. come trueWhat will life be like in the future? not only…but alsoThere will be … maybe 副词 may be 情态动词+原形5
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